Remedial Building Works (Manly)

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Remedial builder Manly.

This original 80 year old property in Manly, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been bought back to life with external remediation works to the majority of the property.

Our clients wanted a contemporary new look whilst refurbishing and remediating many of the issues that had occurred over time.

Window replacement. 

The original windows were removed and replaced with new AWS series aluminium windows to all four apartments over two levels.

Timber repairs were also required on the window panels to retain the look and originality of the building.

These new windows will prevent any further water ingress as well as contribute to the new modern look.

Concrete cancer repairs. 

Concrete cancer was evident in the balcony soffits. Repairs were undertaken to these specific areas of concrete delamination and spalling. We achieved these repairs by fully exposing the corroded steel, treating the areas and replacing this with new steel reinforcement bars.

Roof repairs and gutter replacement. 

Sections of the eaves-mounted gutters and downpipes were experiencing corrosion which was contributing to the deterioration of the overall roof plumbing. These corroded sections were removed and replaced with new to match existing.

House painting. 

To complete this project, our team of painting professionals prepped the facade and applied a Dulux paint system comprising of an undercoat and paint application to enhance the external appearance to bring this beauty back to its glory.

A spectacular transformation for this Manly residence whilst retaining its original charm and architecture.


If you have questions about all remedial building repairs, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches.