Commercial Remedial Building Works (Inner West)

remedial builders inner west

Remedial Builders Inner West.

This stunning waterfront five-level residential/commercial terraced building consisting of 7 units in Balmain, in Sydney’s Inner West, needed some major remediation to its roof, facade and general overall maintenance.

Privacy screen and door replacement.

The existing timber elements of the building were beginning to deteriorate due to the proximity of the foreshore and surrounding waterways.

All of the timber privacy screens and timber doors were replaced with new, along with the timber stair sleepers and timber posts with a ironbark hardwood. All made and detailed with beautiful craftmanship.

The screens and doors were coated with a fresh coat of Dulux weathershield paint to help extend their longevity and compliment the cohesive look from existing to new.

Strata building painting.

The facade of the building required an upgrade by removing the existing render and replaced with a new acrylic render application. These areas were then painted with a Dulux paint system to freshen up the external appearance.

Roof repairs and gutter replacement.

The roof of the complex was causing several internal leaks into the apartments. Our expert team of roofers replaced the existing roof membrane with a new PVC Waterproofing sheet membrane system to prevent any further leaks to the units below. We also remediated the box gutters around the building by replacing them with new.

Overall great results for this project!


If you have questions about residential, strata and commercial remedial building works, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Inner West.