Concrete Cancer and Spalling Repairs

We use the latest mortar repair and corrosion inhibitor products and applications to remediate Concrete Cancer Repairs.
Our concrete cancer removal specialists service all Sydney suburbs. 
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Sydney concrete cancer repairs Northern Beaches.


Concrete cancer, also called concrete spalling, is caused by carbonation of the concrete, a natural deterioration process. This causes the steel bars embedded in the slab to rust and expand which in turn causes the concrete to bubble, crack and bulge. This is a common problem when there is not enough concrete cover over the steel.


We use the latest mortar repair and corrosion inhibitor products and applications to remediate these issues.


Magnesite should always be removed, and the concrete should always be inspected for any concrete cancer.

Magnesite is found in the flooring and is made of a mixture of a powder and a magnesium chloride solution with various fillers such as wood flour and saw dust. It was used as a floor topping or levelling product up until the 1980’s.

When the magnesite absorbs water, the glue used in the flooring can leak into the concrete floor and corrode the steel reinforcement bars causing the concrete to expand and result in concrete cancer.

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