Waterproofing and Leak Detection Services

Waterproofing is the process of making a structure waterproof to resist the ingress of water. Water ingress is often caused by failing waterproof membranes, cavity flashings, window flashings and door flashings. When these fail, water/moisture can penetrate further into the interior of the building creating major issues.
Based on the Northern Beaches, our waterproofers service all Sydney suburbs.
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Sydney waterproofers Northern Beaches.

Waterproofing Repairs

Our waterproofing repairs include:

Water leak detection

We offer water leak investigation works, diagnosis and reporting for any water ingress issues by conducting water tests / flood tests to determine the location of the leak and the most suitable waterproofing system to rectify the issue.

Our water leak detection services include:

  • Intensive investigation works
  • Flood / dye testing
  • Moisture readings
  • Diagnostic reports
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Prembuild is a Sydney remedial building company with 30+ years industry expertise.

Based on the Northern Beaches, our remedial builders service the entire Sydney metropolitan area.

Our full range of remedial building services includes all aspects of residential and strata building remedial works.

Our experienced team of licensed remedial builders offer a premium service with all remedial works delivered on time with quality, efficiency and reliability. We conduct the highest standards of Safety and Environment Management and Quality Assurance with all projects carried out and executed.