Waterproofing and Strata Balustrade Replacement (Northern Beaches)

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Balcony waterproofing, balustrade Replacement and balcony tiling at a strata unit in Fairlight on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Located in a peaceful pocket of Fairlight, this 1980’s strata unit building needed some TLC to one of its expansive tiled courtyard.

Detect why balcony tiles were lifting.

Our client had issues with tiles lifting on the balcony which made the situation worse by the consistent rain over a short period of time. In this case, there was no risk of internal damage however it needed to be remediated to retain the aesthetics and daily use of this large garden courtyard area.

Balcony balustrade replacement to safety standards. 

It was agreed to keep with the original low maintenance design to match the existing terracotta tiles along with the existing balustrades and handrail design and colour and to bring it up to current standards to comply.

Upon demolition of the tiled balcony, it was discovered the poorly laid tiles had no falls which was allowing the water to pool in certain areas on the balcony. By creating new levels to the correct height of the tile screed it then allowed for proper drainage and water dispersion.

Balcony waterproofing and retiling. 

The waterproofing PVC sheet membrane was installed with precision and perfection to create a seamless waterproofing membrane system for the entire area and a new tile screed was then laid on top of this.

erracotta tiles are a great choice as they are made of hard, earth-like clay with a rough surface and are naturally resistant to mould and bacteria – perfect for this outdoor setting.

As the original handrails did not meet current standards, we installed new aluminium powder coated balustrades in matt black to compliment the overall look of this stunning tiled terrace.

A beautifully refreshed look with slight modifications to add value to this unit and to ensure the longevity of this spectacular entertainers paradise.


If you have questions about balcony waterproofing and leak detection at your strata unit or home, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches.