Leaking Balcony Waterproofing (Northern Beaches)

balcony waterproofing northern beaches

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Multiple balcony replacements and water leak detection at a residential property in Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Flood test and leaking balcony waterproofing.

These homeowners were experiencing multiple leaks from several of their balconies which was a concern for the extensive water damage developing over time into their living room areas.

We began by conducting water tests and flood tests in the appropriate areas to determine the source and location of these leaks. Upon investigation, we discovered water was entering from the balcony membranes through to a support beam, weep holes, a living room window and even through the handrail posts that had moved over time creating a gap where water was seeping down into the lower walls of the floor below.

Cavity flashing replacement. 

The conclusion was to fully remediate each of the three balconies to include cavity flashings around the sliding doors, sill flashings for the doors and a door head flashing.  The steel beam needed all of the surface rust removed before we could apply an steel corrosion inhibitor to prevent further rusting. Rectifying all of these components would eliminate water from entering in the future. We also removed the existing membranes from the concrete substrate and prepared these areas for new PVC sheet membrane and laid new highly durable travertine tiles  – an elegant natural stone tile was chosen which is deal for outdoor areas.

Painting and rendering.

To complete the overall refreshed space, an acrylic render was applied to all of the external walls and finished off with Elastomeric paint to all of these rendered surfaces. Consequential internal repairs were also required due to the water damage that had occurred.

A challenging yet productive project and extremely happy clients who were able to enjoy their new balcony entertaining areas overlooking the tranquil views of their surrounding garden.


If you have questions about balcony waterproofing and leak detection at your home or strata building, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches.