Roof Repair and Membrane Waterproofing (Northern Beaches)

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Remedial Builders and Roof Repairs Northern Beaches.

This flat concrete roof was leaking at this residential property in Balgowlah Heights causing significant water damage to the storage and garage area below. It had been previously waterproofed, but unfortunately continued to leak particularly after heavy rain and storm events. Our client needed this rectified as soon as possible as they had tenants living in the premises.

Roof waterproofing membrane replacement.

After thorough investigation of the roof by our expert team, water ingress was found to be evident in the ceiling cavity of the storeroom and garage causing damage to the ceiling, timber architraves, timber door and walls. The existing waterproof membrane had become heavily deteriorated due to age and wear and tear. Constant rain had been seeping through the membrane during heavy rainfall periods.

This required extensive remedial repairs to establish a watertight roof.

We began by temporarily disconnecting the air-conditioning units to reinstate upon completion. The existing roof cappings were replaced with new ones. The old membrane was removed and the concrete roof prepared to install a new Westox membrane system to the entire roof area.

Rectification of inadequate roof guttering and drainage.

The box gutter and flashings on the roof were also replaced due to poor installation. We created a specific detailing design to correct the falls in the box gutter.

We also relocated the drainage through the slab to allow proper drainage and to prevent any water ingress.

Painting and door replacement.

Once the external repairs were taken care of, we repaired the internal damage by replacing the old door with a new solid timber door, installed new timber architraves including painting of the ceilings, walls and door.

A fantastic result to ensure no more water can enter the building.


If you have questions about roof repair and replacement in your strata building or residential property, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Northern Beaches.