Extensive Remedial Building Works (Eastern Suburbs)

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Remedial builders Eastern Suburbs.

This stunning cliffside residence required a variety of extensive remedial works to be undertaken to preserve the essence of this beautiful architecturally designed home in Dover Heights in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Some of these issues were causing internal water damage to the property and remediation was the immediate solution.

Certain elements such as the existing handrails and wall cladding also required updating to add value to this premium oceanfront property.

Leak detection and balcony waterproofing. 

We started with waterproofing one of the larger balconies with a PVC Sheet waterproofing membrane system.

Over time the membrane was beginning to fail allowing water to penetrate through the cavity of the sliding door.

The sub-sill flashing of the door needed replacing along with a number of window sill flashings. New modern outdoor tiles to match existing were laid over the entire balcony area to complement the vast open-plan outdoor living space.

Repair of salt damaged and rusting materials.

Due to the location of this property and being so close to the ocean, this well maintained home was seeing the elements of the weather and in particular the salt aspect which was affecting several of the steel posts in the cabana area. Surface rust was removed from these posts and a corrosion inhibitor was applied to prevent any further rust occurring.

We also replaced the cladding on the walls surrounding the sliding doors, as water was also entering here.

Storm moulds were placed around the doors to provide extra sealing before the new Zinc cladding was installed.

This completely updated the look of the external appearance for this section of the house.

Frameless glass balustrade installation.

To finish off this project we installed a new pedestal paving system to the large terraced area downstairs and complimented this with new frameless glass balustrades around the entire balcony which now provides stunning views of the ocean and coastal surroundings.

Simply breathtaking and absolutely amazing results!


If you have questions about timber balcony repairs and replacement at your home or strata property, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs.