Commercial Waterproofing and Remedial Works (Ryde)

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Commercial waterproofing and remedial building services.

Ongoing water ingress occurring at this two-storey commercial property in Norwest (near Ryde) was causing significant issues to the concrete walls, external concrete pathway and a balcony of this industrial building.

After an in-depth onsite assessment and extensive investigation, our remedial builders and licensed waterproofers devised an immediate course of action to rectify the waterproofing problems and prevent future water ingress.

commercial waterproofing
Preparing for the Xypex crack repair waterproofing system.

Water ingress was damaging the concrete walls.

Over time, the water ingress has caused extensive damage and cracking of the concrete walls.  To rectify this, we prepared and then repaired the existing cracks using a Xypex crack repair waterproofing system to patch and plug all cracks.  Several coats of epoxy were applied to seal the surfaces and create a watertight barrier.  We then finished with two coats of paint to match the existing colour scheme.

commercial waterproofing sydney
Pavers removed in preparation for waterproofing the concrete substrate slab.

Water was leaking through the external pathway slab.

The waterproofing of the concrete substrate slab beneath the external pathway had been compromised and was allowing water ingress.  To rectify this, we removed the pavers and re-waterproofed the slab.

Further leaks were occurring internally at the floor-to-wall junction causing damage to the internal walls.

Once waterproofed, the pavers were reinstalled to the original paving configuration.

commercial waterproofing sydney
After waterproofing the leaking balcony, the area was retiled, rendered and painted.

Leaks were also prevalent from a balcony causing water to penetrate the laboratory area below.  To rectify this, we installed a new waterproofing membrane system.  To ensure the problem had been resolved, we performed a 24-hour dye test. No water entered the property due to the new impenetrable water and moisture shield.

By implementing these comprehensive commercial waterproofing solutions, the long-term structural integrity of the property will be maintained.

Through meticulous planning, execution, and quality control measures from our remedial builders and waterproofers, the project delivered durable and reliable waterproofing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each area of the development.


If you have questions about commercial waterproofing problems and water ingress repair, contact remedial builder, Brett Kohler, for advice. We work in all areas of Sydney.