Waterproofing and Strata Building Repairs (Inner City)

strata building repairs sydney

Strata remedial building works.

The six-level residential strata unit complex, located in Chippendale (Sydney), faced significant challenges related to water ingress from one of the balconies and additional damage to the external aluminium cladding.

Initial investigation works and water leak detection by our remedial builders and waterproofers found several sources where water was penetrating.

Water was leaking into the common property.

One of the primary concerns was a 22-metre-long balcony situated outside the common property foyer area on the fourth floor.

The balcony had become susceptible to water penetration due to inadequate waterproofing measures.

This issue not only comprised the structural integrity of the balcony but also raised concerns about the potential damage to the interior spaces with the prospect of water seepage into the walls and carpet and the risk of mould growth in these internal spaces.

strata building repairs sydney
Aluminium cladding repaired from the extensive water damage.

The external aluminium cladding was defective.

The external aluminium cladding on the western side of the building had also suffered extensive water damage with evident signs of deterioration due to a defective void beneath the wall cladding, which was allowing water to enter the adjacent corridor.

To address these pressing issues, immediate remedial building repairs were undertaken to prevent any future water ingress and to restore the integrity of the external facade.

strata building repairs sydney
Enviroseal commercial wrap was used to prevent water entering the internal areas.

A new waterproofing system was installed

Our builders and waterproofers remedied the problems by implementing and installing a robust, new waterproofing system on the balcony. This ensured resilience against moisture and water infultration.

Additionally, damaged sections of the cladding were restored by adding an Enviroseal commercial wrap under it to prevent any water from entering inside.

strata building repairs sydney
Internal and external areas damaged by the water ingress were repaired.

The damaged internal and external areas were then repaired.

Internal remedial repairs included replacing damaged plasterboard and timber skirtings in the foyer and corridor areas were completed along with a fresh coat of paint to finish.

The successful completion of the remedial repairs not only safeguard the structural integrity of this converted warehouse residential building, but reaffirmed its commitment to providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for its residents.


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